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LAGO is our main Brand, the one who’s witnessed our growth, and without any doubt, our real flagship.

It embodies the experience of 30 years of work, and it embraces all our activities.

LAGO keeps the way we have always worked with chicken, our tradition, a way of doing things right, but at the same time, constantly adapting to current market demands.


Care and attention to detail, typical of Galician products, that’s the origin of GaliAVE.

The result of the know-how and experience acquired after so many years at LAGO, a different brand to reach new, and mostly saturated, markets.

GaliAVE embraces all kinds of poultry products.


moiBó is our way to give a name to our elaborated products range (Value Added). It started out as a simple idea, and now it has grown to become one of LAGO’s main assets.

It’s a two for one, in one hand, the result of all these years put together under the same umbrella concept, and in the other hand, a total declaration of intent.

We have provided moiBó with enough resources to stand by itself from now on and compete in a new market, in a market of exceptionally good products.


Esta marca abraza a todos nuestros productos que tenemos, que no son aves o elaborados, a los que le aplicamos la misma filosofía que tenemos con el resto de referencias.

Buscamos el poder abrazar nuevos mercados con sello propio y pagal es la marca perfecta para poder hacerlo.

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 Egg Porducts 
 Value Added 
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